Koolpug Large Smell Proof Storage Stash Jar, (250ml) Airtight UV Glass Jar for Storage, Ultraviolet Herb Container, Smell Resistant

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  • 🌿Ultraviolet (UV) glass - The durable large storage glass jar is crafted with high-grade ultraviolet glass. The UV glass jar blocks all visible lights while permitting beneficial UV and infrared rays that can keep your herbs fresh and flavourful for much longer!
  • 🌿Smell proof & airtight - The BPA free plastic screw-top lid makes the large stash jar airtight and smell proof. The smell proof glass jar slows the degradation of your ingredients and completely traps odours while keeps your herbs/species fresh and discreet.
  • 🌿Answer to your storage needs - The airtight storage jar is just the right size for all your needs! It has 250 ml (8.4 fl oz) capacity to preserve all your herbs, spices, coffee beans, and more household items fresh for longer. The modern and discreet design protects content privacy makes it suitable for any kitchen, bedroom, and for traveling.
  • 🌿Simple & easy to use - The storage container is lightweight and easy to use, and more importantly, the premium quality of ultraviolet glass creates a long-lasting storage jar for constant use!