KOOLPUG Tile Grout Pen with Cleaning Brush, 8 Pieces for Tile Grout, Waterproof Pen, Pen for Restoring Bathrooms and Kitchens

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  • 🖌Revive Your Tiles with Ease! - Are you looking for a practical solution to bring back the shine to your tiles and grout? Look no further! Our tile grout pens are specially designed to meet your needs. Whether you have issues with white tiles, stained grout, or you simply want to renovate the bathroom, our products are here for you
  • 🖌The Secret to a Sparkling Bathroom - Our white grout pens are your allies for an impeccable bathroom. With their specially formulated ink, they effectively cover discolored grout, providing a renewed look to your tiled walls. Say goodbye to worries about stained grout - our pens revive them in an instant.
  • 🖌A Touch of Renewal - From the white grout whitener pen to the white tile marker, and the tile grout renewal pen, you'll find everything you need to transform your spaces. Bid farewell to dull grout and welcome vibrant surfaces.
  • 🖌A Comprehensive Solution - Each package contains 8 grout whiteners + 1 grout brush to meet all your cleaning needs. The tile brush is specially designed with stiff bristles that can easily remove stains before using the grout pen, making your grout clean and hygienic. Each grout pen comes with two tips: round and standard wide, perfect for all types of tile and grout joints.
  • 🖌Don't let tile problems overwhelm you. Make tile renovation a simple and enjoyable task with our high-quality products. Illuminate your living spaces with our tile renewal solutions.


  • Spent hours scrubbing dirty tile grout in the kitchen or bathroom? You may have even considered using bathroom tile paint to cover stubborn tile and grout stains.
  • Bought loads of expensive tools to reseal your tiles? How about a simpler and more effective alternative with our tile grout pens?
  • Used a protective product but struggled to eliminate stubborn grout stains? Our tile grout whitener pens are specially designed to refresh your bathroom grout and remove stains.
  • Been searching for a quick and frustration-free solution for your old grout? Look no further; our grout revivers are here to simplify your life.


  • Effortlessly restore the appearance of tinted tile grout on walls and floors in bathrooms and kitchens, preventing future staining.
  • A non-toxic, water-based grout pen that emits no smoke or flammable gases, ensuring safety for all users.
  • The grout pen dries quickly for an extra-bright white finish.
  • A multifunctional grout brush is designed to scrub tough grout stains, refresh them, and restore their former glory easily.
  • Quick drying and a single application transform faded grout to black.

Opt for our tile grout pens and discover how small details can make a big difference. Transform your bathroom tiles with a simple solution. The solution to your tile grout color problems is within reach. Try our products now and revitalize your living space.

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