KOOLPUG Dog Paw Cleaner, Paw Cleaner Cup with Dog Poo Bags Leash Dispenser, Dog Paw Washer, Pet Paw Cleaner with Waste Bags,Pet Cleaner(Green)

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  • PERFECT PAW CLEANER: Pets are always ready to play, and there is nothing they love more than being immersed in the soil or a step in a puddle. The Koolpug dog paw cleaner is the perfect instrument to remove the dirt and mud from their paws to ensure they are always clean after a walk. This dog paw cleaner is made from sustainable plastic and silicone. It is soft and good at wrapping. The paw cleaner cup can effectively remove the dirt and bacteria on the pet paws, and keep them super healthy.
  • REMOVING MUD & DIRT EFFORTLESSLY: KOOLPUG dog paw cleaner is a cylindrical cup with 360-degree cleaning ability. Each soft bristle is gentle yet strong enough to remove irritants and allergens from your dog's feet. Use the paw cleaner to thoroughly remove all the tiny debris. Clean pets also protect your home and furniture from getting dirt on them. This paw cleaning cup is available in small(S), medium(M), and large(L) sizes, you can get the one that best suits your dog's paw size.
  • EASY TO USE: The KOOLPUG Dog Paw Washer is super easy to use. Add some water and simply insert the muddy and dirty paw into the cup, move the cup up and down or rotate it to clean the paw. Gently dry the paw and then repeat with other paws.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND CARRY: The dog paw is easy to disassemble and clean. Just unscrew the lid and remove the silicone brush for cleaning and keep it dry for next use. You can carry the dog paw cleaner anywhere, it's suitable to use at home, the dog park, beach, apartments, and hiking.
  • DOG POO BAGS AND DISPENSER: The KOOLPUG dog paw cleaner also includes dog poo dags with dispenser and leash clip. It is the perfect combo to take with you on a walk. No more stuffing one grocery bag into another and another! This combo will instantly make your daily walks more efficient and enjoyable!


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