KOOLPUG Candle Wicks, 120 Pcs Organic Soy Pre-Waxed 100% Cotton Candle Wicks with 2Pcs Wick Holder, Vegan Friendly Candle Wicks for DIY Candle Making

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  • ANSWER TO YOUR CANDLE MAKING NEEDS- Wicking your candle is one of the most important parts of candle making but is also thought to be the most difficult. Why not try our high-quality candle wicks? Our eco cotton wicks are primed (pre-waxed) with 100% vegan soy wax, containing no heavy metals and chemicals to give you the cleanest and smokeless burn.
  • HIGH GRADE MATERIAL- A quality wick is essential when making candles. KOOLPUG eco cotton wicks are made of 3mm Diameter cotton wick braided with thin paper threads that give the wick a rigid structure. It’s designed to give a more stable and consistent burn with reduced tunneling and mushrooming. An excellent choice if you are making soy candles!
  • GIVE YOUR CANDLES THE PROPER GLOW- A properly wicked candle not only burns cleaner but also it gives reliable burn times and fragrance throw. Our candle wick is robust enough to deal with high concentrations of perfume and dye.
  • THE RIGHT WICKS FOR YOUR PROJECTS- It has good burn stability that works well in votives, containers, and pillars. Also, our candle wicks work well with wax blends, vegetable waxes, and low melt-point paraffin waxes. 
  • PERFECT CANDLE MAKING COMBINATION- We offer a variety of lengths available in 4 different packages; 120pcs 3.94 in(100mm) wicks, 120pcs 5.91 in(150mm)wicks, 120pcs 7.87 in(200mm) wicks, and combo set- 40pcs 100mm +40pcs 150mm +40pcs 200mm wicks. Each set also comes with 120pcs glue dots and 2pcs candle wick holders. This candle wick set gives you just what you need to achieve outstanding results!


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